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I’m Kiran,a Developer Designer and a Speaker

I’m a second year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kerala. I’m a lot into 80’s music and sci-fi movies, and a huge fan of The Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit and Silmarillion apart from that on the geek side I love web development, physics, quantum computing, and design thinking. I’m a lot into Free and Open Source Software and I’m also a Mozillian

What I love doing

Quantum Computing

I’m a Qiskit Advocate and have been constantly learning about quantum computing for the past one year. I also achieved the 71st best score of 49 for IBM Quantum Challenge, 2020, where 45 was the best score.

Product Management

I love product development and doing user research to craft  a great experience for the end users. I’ve done courses on product management and has achieved the IBM Design Thinking Co-Creator Badge. I’m also experienced in agile software development practices

Application Development

I’m mostly into back-end development Python/Django is my weapon, I also have experience in creating REST APIs. On the front-end I’m experienced in HTML, CSS  JavaScript and WordPress. Flutter is my tool for mobile application development

From The Blog


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Works and Achievements

Check out my portfolio and achievements

I’ve done web projects, contributed to open source projects designed posters and other graphic works. I’ve also been a speaker for a few events, check out my portfolio. I’ve also achieved various feats, check em out in the achievements section